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Non or inadequately functioning equipment or personnel will have a bad influence on your operating result. In our current information age, (work)processes are subject to continuous change. Securing a solid foundation for your staff is vital for ensuring involvement, cooperation and creativity. Vectormm Academy is focused on creating such a solid foundation for Asset Management, Reliability Engineering and Workflow Management. We have translated our experience with and knowledge of Asset Management techniques and methodologies into some unique, useful and practical training courses.

Our starting point: TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS

Your most valuable assets are your people. We help them grow professionally. Our courses and training programmes are adjusted to the role they play within your organisation. We extend the required knowledge and skills in a gradual and goal-oriented manner.

At the Vectormm Academy, we transform specific issues into working solutions. Your people are offered thorough, tailor-made training programmes.

We always gear trainings to the specific needs of your ORGANISATION AND ITS OBJECTIVES

A new or modified structure of your Asset Management System often requires a different allocation of tasks. Vectormm helps your organisation prepare itself to this new situation, which brings on new roles and different tasks.


We offer group sessions for one or more departments, as well as individual lessons. Vectormm Academy  also offers refresher courses. For larger or specific target groups, Vectormm Academy offers web-based training courses.

We only consider our tasks completed when we are sure that you can move on independently and full of confidence. Our website provides a full overview of our training options and courses.

Vector Maintenance Management

As an asset owner, you know that the stakes are high. The playing field is huge and the investments are tremendous… It is, therefore, vital to ensure that business processes are structured in an adequate way and are kept in place under all circumstances. This is easier said than done. To ensure safety, continuity and efficiency, good asset management is of great importance. Daily practice teaches us that many maintenance management systems can be structured in a much better way. Who we are?

We are Vectormm. Pleased to meet you!

We support asset owners and help them create safety, continuity and value through targeted maintenance and inspection programs. Vectormm initiates, implements, optimises, works in a pragmatic and transparent way, and is completely independent.

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